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Trained security personnel for your event. We’re here to help you feel safe and secure.

Two Friends Security

Hire us for better security at events and parties.

Hire us for a safe and secure event. We can provide you with security guards, armed officers or even just an increased manpower presence to make sure everything goes smoothly without any issues!

The best way to ensure your party is a safe one! Hire us for better security, and you won’t have any trouble with the wrong people ruining it.

Gate guard security officer on public event
two friends security

Enjoy your day and event securely without worries

We can make your next event worry-free with our security service. Whether it’s a concert, trade show or sports game; we’ll be there to ensure that everything goes off without any hiccups!

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Two Friends Security

What We Do?

Monitor Your Area Surveillance

Our highly trained guards monitor the area for any signs of trouble, and if they notice anything suspicious immediate action is taken.

Protect Your Valuable Property

With over 25 years of experience in the field, our security guards will protect your property and monitor the area for any suspicious activity.

Defend Against Criminal Activity

We have the experience necessary for handling any situation - from small-time shoplifters to trespassers and beyond.

Two Friends Security

Always There To Protect And Serve.